1-on-1 Strategy Call

This strategy call will be to:

  • Find your 'Ace In The Hole': What's the 'Thing' you can leverage right now to bump the needle in your business
  • Instead of focusing on the weak spots of your business, we will play your 'Current Hand' so you can leverage your strongest assets in the next 30 days
  • I will provide you with a Game Plan customized specifically to your situation so that you can execute on those strengths immediately



Photo by NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images

Onsite Coaching

This will be a 1 day full intensive coaching at your facility aimed to:

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  • ....
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*Travel and Accommodations 

2-Day Mastermind Event

In an offsite group setting, this mastermind event will provide you:

  • A game plan for the most important things you need to focus on in your facility for the next 90 days.
  • Assess where you are, create assets, set goals
  • Our team will create customized content specifically for your business - WHILE YOU'RE STILL THERE!
  • We will provide tactics and strategies to immediately implement that content
  • Guest Coaches will provide insights and expertise in each of the key areas of your business
  • Unrivaled networking power through the group you will be surrounded with 
    • *2018 LOCATIONS  
    • WASHINGTON DC - The Ritz Carlton 
    • FT. LAUDERDALE - Marriott Harbor Bay Resort
    • LAS VEGAS